Raboo Crypto Presale Draws over $1 Million in Investment as Bittensor and Theta Network Slide

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As the crypto world witnesses fluctuating fortunes, Raboo stands out in its presale phase, drawing over $1 million in investment. Positioned at the forefront of AI crypto advancements, Raboo is captivating the market with its promising RABT token, priced at just $0.0036.

Meanwhile, established players like Bittensor and Theta Network are experiencing declines after stellar surges.

With over 1,400 token holders and projections of a 100x price surge on launch day, lets see why Raboos crypto presale has captured hearts and wallets alike.

Raboo rockets to crypto stardom with over $1 million presale bonanza

Raboo, a budding meme coin, has quickly captured the hearts and wallets of investors, gaining over a staggering $1 million in its presale phase. Raboo is a pioneering force in meme culture, powered by SocialFi and artificial intelligence.

Raboo is powered by an AI designed to refine and perfect the art of meme-making. This AI, known as Rabooscan, uses advanced technology to evaluate and enhance memes it encounters on social platforms, ensuring only the best survive.

With a well-planned tokenomics strategy, the RABT token is more than just a medium of exchange; it's a tool driving the $62 billion meme market.

Investors can stake their RABT tokens to earn attractive rewards, solidifying their role in Raboo's long-term vision. Moreover, early investors gain exclusive access to Raboo's NFTs, with gateways to potential rewards and perks.

Bittensor's stellar surge or flash in the pan?

Bittensor has seen significant growth and dynamic developments in the crypto landscape. The highlight was Bittensor's debut on Binance, catapulting it into the spotlight with new trading pairs and enhancing Bittensor's liquidity and reach. This move significantly bolstered Bittensor's market presence, with a swift 15% price increase post-listing.

Bittensor's embrace of AI-driven crypto has also paid off, with its market cap nearing a massive $10 billion after a 140% jump in TAO token value over the last months. However, at press time, TAO keeps sliding lower and lower over 20% in the past month and a week, currently settling at approximately $455, significantly down from its ATH on the 7th of March at $757.

Theta Network sets the stage for AI revolution with EdgeCloud launch

Theta Network is on the brink of a technological breakthrough with the upcoming launch of Theta EdgeCloud in spring 2024. This innovative platform from Theta Network aims to use decentralized GPU power to enhance AI and video processing tasks.

Furthermore, Theta Network has recently completed scheduled maintenance to transition the Theta Video API to the new EdgeCloud system, underlining Theta Network's commitment to enhancing its infrastructure. These steps by Theta Network demonstrate its dedication to leveraging blockchain for cutting-edge video streaming and AI processing capabilities.

With this exciting announcement, Theta is up 19% in the past week alone.


As the Raboo crypto presale surpasses $1 million, the opportunity to join is rapidly fading away. This exclusive AI crypto initiative has already attracted significant attention, making it a prime investment in a volatile market.

Don't miss outjoin the Raboo presale today!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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