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Portland, OR: The roofing industry has witnessed notable transformations over the past few decades. Most of these changes are driven by advancements in technology, emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, and, more importantly, evolving client preferences. Leading the charge is H&L Roofing, a team of GAF-certified roofers. In addition to expanding and incorporating all the new technology, the company has invested in modern equipment and tools.

H&L Roofing also offers a range of services, including roof repairs. Recognizing that a house is more than a structure and homes are where memories are made, the roofing team gives each job the needed attention and dedication. Whether addressing routine leaks or repairing the roof after storm damages, they utilize modern tools, use quality materials, and follow a systemic approach. The processes may include a thorough inspection to locate leak sources, with clients actively involved in all major decisions. Thanks to this process, the final work gives the home or business the needed protection and breathes new life into the structure.

When roofs have seen better days or clients seek to enhance their roofing, H&L Roofing steps in with replacement and installation services. Like with repairs, the first step to installing new roofs is assessing the existing roof to determine the best replacement. The team also considers other important factors, such as the roof’s age, how much it is destroyed, and the client’s preference.

H&L Roofing also takes care of other important aspects of roof replacement. The team checks and replaces decking and insulation when necessary. These add-on services are key in ensuring the new roof lasts longer and the process does not affect the health of the client’s home structure.

The company also offers commercial roofing services in Oregon City. While the principles of commercial roofing are similar to those of residential homes in terms of using premium materials and handling each project individually, commercial roofing is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Luckily, the company has the right team to complete such projects with minimal disruptions, whether the client needs roof installation, repairs, or maintenance.

The company also sources roofing materials from renowned, top-tier manufacturers. These companies have the same commitment to longevity, performance, and durability as H&L Roofing. Furthermore, every material, whether TPO, EPDM, or metal, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure resilience against harsh elements like scorching sun and heavy snowfall.

About H&L Roofing

H&L Roofing is a team of GAF-certified roofers serving residential and commercial clients. The Oregon-based roofing company offers different services, from replacing old roofs and installing new ones to maintenance and repair services. Whether it is a replacement or a repair job, H&L Roofing uses premium materials and cutting-edge equipment, ensuring that every roof meets the highest standards and safeguards the client’s property.

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