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Puyallup, WA- Sears Injury Law believes that focusing on one particular area of the law allows them to devote all resources to clients’ cases. Founding attorney Robert Sears worked for over fifteen personal injury law firms before starting his practice. Through his experience, the personal injury lawyer was able to pull together a dedicated team to pursue insurance companies, corporations, or negligent at-fault parties.

A slip and fall accident occurs when an individual loses their footing or balance on a surface, resulting in a sudden fall, often from slippery, damaged, or hazardous conditions. While some minor aspects like discomfort, inconvenience, and loss of productivity are manageable, some accidents cause life-changing pain, incapacitation, disability, or death. Financial damages can make a real difference for victims and their families as they deal with health issues and expenses.

Without representation, insurance companies know that victims are powerless to do anything except accept an offer to resolve a claim. Unfortunately, the offer is usually low because insurance companies train adjusters to settle claims quickly and cheaply to save money, thus taking advantage of the injured victim.

Unlike other personal injury cases, proving liability in a slip and fall is challenging. Sears Injury Law understands the physical, emotional, financial, and legal strain a victim may face to hold those who fail to maintain the safety of their homes, businesses, or public spaces accountable. The skilled investigators go to great lengths, like interviewing witnesses, requesting weather reports, and pushing back against insurance companies for justice.

The attorneys use a unique and personalized client-centered approach to personal injury law, working proactively rather than reactively, understanding victims’ injuries, calculating damages, and recommending other legal/medical services to improve quality of life. When Navigating Slip and Fall Claims with Sears Injury in Puyallup, the team advises clients to show photographs/videos of the scene and get copies of anything they fill out or sign. Since slip and fall incidents are fact-dependent, the firm preserves evidence, sends spoliation (alteration of evidence) letters, and files the appropriate paperwork to commence proceedings.

Besides slip and fall accidents, Sears Injury Law represents victims of auto accidents, dog bites, product defects, construction site accidents, workplace injuries, constitutional excessive force against the police department, and insurance misconduct. Those who trust the firm with referrals include medical doctors, other attorneys, small business owners, hospital staff, insurance agents, investigators, and community members seeking assistance from their friends/family.

About Sears Injury Law

Sears Injury Law features a select group of hand-picked advocates, many of whom have previously worked ‘behind enemy lines’ in insurance companies. They believe in representing individual interests in the fight against corporations and government, leveling the playing field with compassion. Additionally, they aim to take the stress and paperwork from the victim so they recover or move forward freely.

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