Apple Has Updated Its MagSafe Battery’s Firmware to Add Slightly Faster Charging

Apple Has Updated Its MagSafe Battery’s Firmware to Add Slightly Faster Charging

Highlights like having the option to check its charge level right in iOS and charging that naturally begins when the battery’s joined to an iPhone made the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack our top decision last year, yet we deplored its more slow charging speeds when turned off: a constraint that Apple has improved with a new firmware update.

Contending MagSafe batteries like the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini and the Zens Magnetic Dual Powerbank both figure out how to summon 7.5W charging speeds. When connected to a power source (more noteworthy than 20W), the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack can really charge an iPhone at 15W through its attractive association, yet that invalidates the convenientce managed the cost of while cutting the rope, which then cuts the Apple battery’s running after speed to simply 5W.

In any case, as indicated by a new update to the “How to utilize your MagSafe Battery Pack” support page on the Apple site, a new firmware update to form 2.7 now helps the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack’s convenient accelerate to 7.5W, putting it comparable to the opposition.

Heat is an undesirable side-effect of remote charging that squanders power, however can likewise diminish a battery’s life span and limit, which is one reason Apple initially restricted charging paces to 5W. Apple doesn’t delve into insights regarding what has changed in the v2.7 firmware update to eliminate this cutoff, yet it’s either quit stressing over the hotness created by quicker charging, or it’s acquainted a few new ways with moderate it through the update.

With the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack appended to your MagSafe-viable iPhone, you can really look at its firmware form by opening iOS’ Settings and going to General > About > MagSafe Battery Pack, which ought to show up underneath “Transporter Lock” data. As indicated by Apple, its MagSafe Battery Pack ought to consequently refresh itself when joined to an iPhone with a web association, however it could require about seven days for that to occur as the update carries out. For the less quiet, Apple’s help page asserts that clients can likewise “plug one finish of a Lightning to USB link into the Lightning connector on your battery pack, and the opposite end into your Mac or iPad” which ought to download and introduce the firmware update in around five minutes, however up to this point we haven’t had any achievement taking that course.

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