A bug in Google Messages may be draining your battery

A bug in Google Messages may be draining your battery

With all the applications that we will generally have running on our telephones, it’s a consistent concern regarding whether the battery will actually want to endure the day — and that is not helped when applications failure to fire and run power-depleting highlights behind the scenes. As per 9to5Google, a new bug in Google’s Messages application on Android telephones left the camera running behind the scenes — an incredible way to both hotness up your telephone and run down your battery.

The Google Messages application permits you to effectively snap a picture straightforwardly from the application and join it to a talk message. As per the article in 9to5Google, the camera application would infrequently continue to run, in any event, when you didn’t have it on screen. (This issue was additionally detailed occurring with a Pixel 6 Pro in a Reddit bunch.)

We couldn’t repeat the issue. Notwithstanding, assuming you really do observe that your telephone is uncommonly hot or the battery is running down particularly rapidly, it may not damage to ensure your camera isn’t actually running — or to just swipe the Messages application off the Recents view, which will shut the application down. You can likewise deny Messages consent to utilize your camera by and large by going to Settings > Apps > Messages > Permissions > Camera and choosing “Don’t permit.”

Notwithstanding, that may not be vital. As indicated by Scott Westover, interchanges administrator at Google, the bug has been distinguished and the fix is at present carrying out to clients.

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