‘Secure the Bag’ : Financial Education Web Series Hosts Christian Rapper Lecrae

‘Secure the Bag’ : Financial Education Web Series Hosts Christian Rapper Lecrae

Grammy Award-winning hip bounce craftsman Lecrae has dispatched a six-section web series that helps a portion of the fundamental components to turning out to be monetarily steady.

Motivational hip-bounce craftsman Lecrae thoroughly understands building an autonomous domain with the achievement of his free name Reach Records and will before long be dispatching a monetary web series to assist with teaching the majority. The gospel rapper has joined forces with Experian North America, a main data administrations organization, to introduce, “Ensure The Bag,” a six-section web series that furnishes watchers with an outline for building a monetary inheritance.

The primary scene of “Secure the Bag” broadcasted on Nov. 9 with Lecrae examining what precisely the “pack” is and how to shield it for what’s to come.

The video series created by Lecrae’s creation organization, 3 Strand Films, debuts Fall 2021, and guides crowds through the intricate details of monetary wellbeing. Through short outlines and the assistance of some high-profile uncommon visitors, Lecrae will separate the fundamentals of monetary proficiency and credit schooling to assist watchers with seeing how to adjust their monetary necessities of today, with those of tomorrow.

“We can’t discuss securing the pack, in the event that you don’t have a clue what the sack is,” the craftsman clarified in the video. “See the pack I’m discussing is in a real sense like a sack of cash … it’s wellbeing, it’s monetary security. It’s realizing what is and isn’t heritage. We should simply call the pack, monetary wellbeing.”

The series will incorporate visitor interviews with Seattle Seahawks wide recipient Tyler Locket, Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr., previous NBA star Kyle Korver, vocalist Coco Jones and craftsman WHATUPRG.

“I’m set for spread the word on monetary training since I wasn’t taught about cash and didn’t know about planning. I didn’t know to ponder the expense of things for sure to take care of first since I simply didn’t have a procedure,” Lecrae told!

Lecrae likewise talked with Bloomberg and uncovered that the show would be both entertaining and instructive.

“I’m set for spread the word on monetary instruction since when I was growing up, I wasn’t taught about cash or planning and needed to gain proficiency with a great deal about it the most difficult way possible,” Lecrae shared.

“I’m truly respected to work with Experian on a task that assists individuals with getting accounts, you know monetary education. We made an entire mission and an entire presentation called ‘Ensure The Bag’ where I’m facilitating a strict show and strolling individuals through what it resembles to get accounts. To get obligation and credit and it’s focused on that equivalent segment and age that in any case wouldn’t get it… . I mean you sort of think about ‘The Tonight Show’ meets “Dave Chappelle Show’ however for individual accounting. Along these lines, there’s humor, analysis, exchange, and meetings,” he told.

He added, “I need to ensure other people who grew up like me have the information to fabricate their own monetary heritage. Individuals need monetary proficiency separated in manners they can comprehend and I’m eager to cooperate with Experian to introduce this substance, created by my creation group, 3 Strand Films.”

“The ‘Secure The Bag’ web series permits me to stroll in numerous spaces all the while,” Lecrae noted. “I get to have a show that proceeds with crafted by reclamation by instructing individuals about monetary proficiency, however there is additionally a component of inventiveness and amusement that takes out the most incredible in me.”

Every scene will cover a central issue of building a monetary inheritance beginning with getting cash and using checking and bank accounts. Different points incorporate planning, saving, ensuring one’s personality, obligation, and contributing. “Secure The Bag” will debut on Lecrae’s YouTube channel and web-based media stages.

Lecrae clarified that the venture plans to assist individuals with setting aside and put away their cash, spending plan shrewdly, and secure their character.

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