Joy Of Living Podcast: Finding Self With Milana Vayntrub New Episode Released

The new podcast is called ‘A Quest to Finding Your True Self’ and focuses on how listeners can work on building their most important relationship in life, the one with themselves. In the latest episode of The Joy Of Living Podcast, Barry Shore interviews actress and activist Milana Vayntrub about her work as the #Can’tDoNothing co-founder and her own personal journey towards self-love and happiness.

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The release of the episode coincides with a moment in which levels of happiness in America have hit a record low. According to CNN and the Gallup poll, just 38% of the country says that they’re satisfied with life, down from 48% in early 2020.

As such, in his role as The Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore is proud to be bringing his listeners the wisdom that Milana Vayntrub has gained through her own quest to find herself and attain true happiness.

The podcast focuses on a number of specific topics that are intended to teach listeners how to discover and understand what truly matters to them, how to appreciate what is beautiful about their life and self, and how to appreciate what they already have.

It begins with Vayntrub’s patented words that can transform one’s life. These words are all well-known, but Vayntrub turns them into acronyms that can both change and inform the way that listeners think about their daily life and respond to the world around them. Some of these words are SMILE, which means Seeing Miracles in Life Everyday, and KIND, which signifies Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds.

Vayntrub also shares her thoughts on how to build positive relationships, how to use humor to navigate life, and how to unlock the inner power everyone has to positively influence their world.

Milana Vayntrub is a popular creative, comedian, activist, and actress known for her roles in shows like ‘This Is Us.’ In the latest episode of The Joy Of Living Podcast, she is interviewed by Barry Shore, who is also a passionate activist, mental health advocate, author, and podcaster.

Barry Shore said, “Life is so beautiful, but do we all recognize it? We all want the best, but do we truly appreciate it when we have it? The answer, most of the time, is no. We are always chasing after something and we quickly get used to what we obtain and desire more once we obtain it. It’s a never-ending cycle that only leads to misery and dissatisfaction. Today, Milana Vayntrub will help you break that cycle. If you pay attention to what she’s saying, your life will be completely altered.”

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