Soft Gel Cooling Ice Pack | Knee Bursitis Pain Relief Cryotherapy Wrap Launched

Knee ice wraps are effective at reducing pain and swelling caused by tendonitis, cartilage tears, sprains, and bursitis. With the latest update, Cool Relief provides customers with a versatile and reusable wrap that can be used for both cryotherapy and heat application.

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In comparison with instant cold packs that cannot be reused, are uncomfortably cold, and need to be held to stay in place, the newly updated Soft Gel Hot/Cold Pack is reusable, can be fastened securely with Velcro straps, and combines cryotherapy with compression.

Both ice and heat application can relieve knee pain, depending on the specific condition. Ice application can help in the case of acute knee injuries. Cold causes blood vessels to narrow, decreasing blood flow to the affected area and reducing inflammation and swelling. Heat application brings the opposite effect, and can relieve pain and soreness in the case of chronic conditions, such as arthritis. It can also help athletes relax their muscles and improve the range of motion before a workout.

Cool Relief’s Soft Gel Hot/Cold Pack can be used for both ice and heat therapy. The set includes a washable soft fleece knee wrap and a reusable soft gel ice pack. Customers can purchase additional replacement gel ice pack inserts that can be conveniently kept in the freezer for emergencies.

The pack contains non-toxic lightweight gel that does not harden when frozen, making it flexible and easy to adjust. It is fixed over the knee, elbow, ankle, or thigh using thick elastic straps that create compression for faster healing.

Other popular products offered by Cool Relief include ice/heat packs for hips, ice foot wraps, back lumbar compression braces, and cooling ice bandanas. All Cool Relief products come with a one-year replacement guarantee.

“This chilling wrap is the perfect antidote for applying to my knee after an intense cycling session,” said a satisfied customer. “Ridiculously cold. I can barely keep it on for 20 minutes. Works great. Plus, with the adjustable velcro straps, you can adjust the compression on it. I really like the fact that I can walk around a bit while wearing it, too.”

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