web series ‘9 April’ – TV director Kaushik Shankar Das made his OTT debut

web series ‘9 April’ – TV director Kaushik Shankar Das made his OTT debut

Famous TV chief Kaushik Shankar Das made his OTT debut on Friday with the web series ‘9 April’. It very well may be watched on the advanced stage Binge.

Kaushik Sankar Das’ introduction web series “9 April”, featuring Shohel Rana, Zakia Bari Mamo, Tama Mirza, and Tropa Mazumdar, is set to deliver on Binge soon. The Binge unique creation is co-delivered by Red Pad Studios.

With Hasnat Bin Motin’s screenplay, the cast incorporates stars like Tropa Majumdar, Zakia Bari Momo, Toma Mirza, Shohel Mondol, Sadika Swarna, Arefin Jilani, Hindol Roy, Nipa Khan and some more. The series is created by RedPad Studios and chief delivered by RB Pritam.

Composed by Hasnat Bin Matin, the 6-episode murder secret spins around topics of human mind and wrongdoing.

This Binge Original is tied in with appreciating when mental condition of an individual perpetrating horrendous wrongdoing like homicide.

“Rather than making it a homicide chase, we chose to look past the actual wrongdoing,” shares Kaushik. “Through this creations, I hope to introduce it outside the clich√© construction of a wrongdoing thrill ride, mixing the mind of each character related with the homicide.”

Simultaneously, in this six-episode series, an endeavor has been made to feature how indecent undertakings, voracity, duplicity, presumption and maltreatment of force can obliterate individuals’ information.

“9 April” is set to deliver before the current month’s over on the Binge application.

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