Producer Of RVCJ Media Ashwin Salunke Is Coming With Exclusive Web Series ‘Khatta Meetha’

Producer Of RVCJ Media Ashwin Salunke Is Coming With Exclusive Web Series ‘Khatta Meetha’

Ashwin Salunke is the channel head and chief maker of RVCJ Media.

One thing that the pandemic has shown us is the significance of individuals.

In Stephen King’s words, “Ability is less expensive than table salt. Which isolates the gifted person from the fruitful one is a ton of difficult work.” We frequently witness individuals with adroitness unfit to arrive at an elevated place in their lives or profession. Notwithstanding, just a modest bunch of individuals know how to find some kind of harmony between their gifts and difficult work. Ashwin Salunke is the channel head and leader maker of RVCJ Media. He is the great element for the astonishing achievement of RVCJ Media.

It is essential to invest energy with your loved ones for reinforcing the bonds. RVCJ Media has as of late sent off the trailer of its impending unique series called “Khatta Meetha”.

Ashwin Salunke is known for his ability in media outlets and his comprehension of his crowd.

This series, containing five episodes, is about the bonds, significance of connections and encounters of life.

Ashwin Salunke is notable for his gigantic commitment to the development of the YouTube channel, RVCJ Media. Under his master management and direction, RVCJ Media has created north of 200 amusement and fun-pressed recordings, 30+ advertisement films and various web series. Furthermore, he was likewise associated with the development of the absolute most popular special recordings as ‘Harry Met Sejal’, ‘Visitor in London’, ‘Shivay, and so forth ‘Wrong Number’ and ‘Companion Request’ are a portion of his generally appreciated and energizing web series. Also, his new continuous web series ‘Khatta Meetha’ is gorge commendable and the greater part the young populace is snared to it.

The makers of the show Ashwin Salunke, Executive Producer and Pankaj Kothawade, Creative Producer have arranged a strong group on-board which incorporates Director Raj R. Gupta, uncommonly known for his introduction film ‘Baba’. The music is made by one out of the most appreciated teams, ‘Rohan’, who surprised the country with their works in Sanju, Thackeray, Ventilator, and some more.

‘Khatta Meetha’ is a family amusement bundle series. Ashwin Salunke’s long stretches of involvement assists him with understanding who will be the ideal fit for a particular job. The going for the series occurred in Kota, the city known for schooling. From the area to entertainers and chief, his capacity to assemble the ideal cast and group is honorable. Raj R. Gupta, head of the series, has amazingly drawn out the characters and their viewpoints while drawing out the best capacities of the entertainers. The music is made by one out of the most celebrated and well known teams, ‘Rohan’. Their music has assisted the crowd make a passionate association with the series. Apoorva Arora and Mohak Meet have placed life and soul in their personality and have drawn out the charming kin aspects. Chittaranjan Giri and Sharvari Kohokare carry on like the run of the mill working class guardians who, notwithstanding going through various emergencies, pour huge love over their kids and show them a few important life illustrations. While adjusting to the job, Nitin Vijay’s (NV Sir) heavenly acting is the what tops off an already good thing. Supporting entertainers Suhani Mardia, Gagan Gajarlwar, Prerna Thaku and Lokesh Mittal have enhanced the principle characters in the series.

The series projects various experienced and strong entertainers. Apoorva Arora, a notable face in the computerized space, acts out easily. She confers her excursion as a clinical understudy getting ready for NEET. Mohak Meet, a YouTuber with a gigantic fan base, assumes the part of Apoorva’s sibling and a trying Engineer. Chittaranjan Giri as Sundar Sharma and Sharvari Lohokare as Vidya Sharma have drawn out the issues and feelings of a normal working class family quite well.

“This undertaking is the result of difficult work put in by a many individuals of different offices and not just the desire of one individual. Thus, to see the bliss on these faces feels like an accomplishment and means significantly more than my series being known as a hit. Working alone and afterward assuming the praise alone is an imbecile’s walk. I emphatically put stock in strolling with everybody close by. This series couldn’t have been imaginable by only one individual. Today, the show’s prosperity is the aftereffect of sheer difficult work done by my group and their mind blowing measure of exertion. My group generally remains by me, unshakable. Regardless of whether it’s making a major show like ‘Khatta Meetha’ or short sketch recordings, they keep on remaining by me. I genuinely feel that I can do nothing isolated.” – said Ashwin Salunke

RVCJ never neglects to astonish with their investigations in content, similarly as in their past Superhit show “Wrong Number”. This time Nitin Vijay, otherwise known as NV Sir, is the special treat for the crowd. As well as being a main IIT graduate, Nitin Vijay is additionally a famous face in the schooling area. He is known as a material science champion situated in the schooling center point Kota and assumes the part of a persuasive instructive mentor who teaches youthful personalities about training and life. Regardless of being a beginner in the field, he has outflanked the assumptions for some individuals.

Ashwin Salunke is known for his ability in media outlets and his comprehension of his crowd. He is very much aware of his interest group’s assumptions and flourishes to convey the best substance for them. He means to give quality substance to his crowd which will merit their time.

The trailer of “Khatta Meetha” flashes our interests and appropriately leaves you longing for additional. Along these lines, among tears and cheers, it investigates the blemished connections and desires of the Sharma family and accentuates the requirement for loved ones in our lives. It flawlessly features the connection among kin and every one of the tests they should endure to not abandon their bond. Entertainers in supporting jobs like Prerna Thakur, Lokesh Mittal, Suhani Mardia and Gaggn Gajarlwar additionally leave a solid presence on the screen.

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