Annual Legal Advice Service For UK Businesses – Expert Subscription Launched

Hallmark Solicitors, a commercial law firm based in Hull, United Kingdom, has announced the availability of a subscription-based annual legal advice service for businesses with ongoing requirement for day to day legal assistance in resolving disputes. The firm specialises in company and commercial law and caters to businesses of all sizes –

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The Annual Legal Advice Service provides clients with a reliable and convenient option to obtain advice on issues related to corporate finance, dispute resolution and commercial litigation, among other matters.

With Hallmark Solicitors’ annual legal advice service, clients get access to unlimited day to day legal assistance on compliance and other matters which can include reviewing the terms of commercial agreements. Clients who subscribe for the annual contract can rely on Hallmark Solicitors’ experienced team of professionals for day-to-day legal support.

The firm’s proactive yet cost-effective service includes an initial interview to take stock of the client’s requirements. The firm also undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the client business’ legal health once a year.

A major benefit of Hallmark Solicitors’ annual legal advice contract is that it eliminates the prospect of unexpected legal bills. With easy access to preventative legal advice, clients can minimise or avoid legal disputes altogether. Furthermore disputes can be dealt with an early stage by a professional with an objective perspective.

It is estimated that the total annual losses to small firms in the UK as a result of “legal problems” is £9.79bn reports the LSB, with one in five owners saying legal problems had caused them health problems. They go on to opine that the issue however is that one of the major points of resistance for business owners and managers to get in touch with lawyers is the concern that every touchpoint with a law firm will result in an invoice.

It is now increasingly the case that established businesses with a regular need for legal services are looking to create greater certainty with their legal spend by negotiating retained fee agreements with law firms. Legal issues can have serious negative financial and health consequences for small businesses and their owners. Many of these issues can be avoided by accessing legal help at the right time.

Uche Akali who is the Principal Solicitor at Hallmark Solicitors stated that the driving force behind the setting up of this service is to provide corporate clients the opportunity to access ongoing and regular legal advice to assist and support their operations with the added benefit of certainty and control over their legal spend as well as being able to seek advise early on a legal issue to avoid an escalation of these by having issues reviewed by objective virtual in house counsels. We deal with their legal headaches, freeing busy managers and owners to do what they do best, that is minding their business.

A satisfied client said: “A truly top-class firm. Every staff member was genuinely caring and helpful, walking me through the legal and personal details with empathy and humanity. I will always be very grateful for the way they treated me and I would highly recommend this company.”

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