“Love Augusta” web series to give nearby organizations more openness

“Love Augusta” web series to give nearby organizations more openness

Nearby food blogger Scott Russell is known for supporting neighborhood eateries with his blog “6bitesin.” Now he’s making it a stride further.

Russell has collaborated with nearby picture taker Kyle Jones to make Love Augusta, a web series that spotlights on featuring neighborhood organizations nearby.

“For what reason would you say you are folks doing this?”

“I saw on his Instagram page where he was making recordings free of charge for nearby business’ and I sort of do exactly the same thing with food so I figured we should collaborate and do it together,” said Russell.

For certain spots harming during the pandemic, the two men are trusting the additional openness will help.

“We were both brought up here and anything we can accomplish for the local area we’re happy to do. Man, I simply need to beg everyone here in Augusta to get out and support nearby. These nearby organizations need us like never before and it’s genuine simple to do. Simply go out there and go through some cash with them,” said Russell.

To finish everything off, Russell and Jones are making the recordings for nothing.

“They might not have the presence via online media, so I simply give them a little lift and see what occurs. They have been so eager to have us out, they let me do some stuff for these recordings, that I never figured they would allow me to do. Super glad to see someone supporting the local area as we do. These nearby business need our assistance truly downright awful any help that we can give them, we unquestionably ought to,” said Russell.

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