Email Marketing Trend-Setter Shares Insider Secrets to Win More Sales

Ashley DeLuca has decoded the mystery to efficient marketing through emails and is revealing her time-tested strategies for email marketing success in her forthcoming book Own Your Table: Master the Art of Conversational Marketing (Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, 2022).

Ashley built her business with hands-on client work over the last 5 years and has become the go-to source for email marketing for e-Commerce and Service based businesses. She has redefined the approach to email marketing by bringing in empathy through conversation and intention.

When asked what motivated her to write a book, Ashley had to say:

“I entered the Tech world and was stuck at a constricting job. I refocused my attention to become an entrepreneur – a full-time web designer. While working with customers I got curious about the traffic which was being diverted to the website through email marketing and the target-like ads. By then I was hooked and then developed an unfaltering technique to reach the audience by bringing in emotions, the trust in myself and my pitch.”

Her book honors the power of conversations around one’s own desk which follows the beliefs of entrepreneurs about having one’s own space to create and fulfill dreams. A table or a desk is an allegory to the power of believing in one’s message and creating a sacred space for oneself. She believes that once one walks through the process of creating and owning their own table, one can accelerate their backend growth and sales too.

Ashley’s book empowers the reader to build confidence in their abilities and skills, and use this to voice their pitch for best results. She brings her expertise and experience with different strategies that she uses to create 5 figures via email marketing alone, how to create profitable conversations within emails, and how to increase open and click rates by creating a community of subscribers that hit reply.

The book is being published by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press – a house that embodies an author-centric model for publishing books on Entrepreneurship & How To, Self-Help, Spirituality, Health and Wellness genres. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press has published over 150 books in the aforementioned genres with the purpose of creating enjoyable ways for readers to consume and engage with the ideas, tools, methodologies from entrepreneurs in the world.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press uses crowdfunding to develop their editorial projects, and establish a more fair and transparent relationship with their collaborators and authors. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press believes great ideas shouldn’t fall between the cracks because they don’t fit the mould. The platform and publishing model ensures that by shifting the balance of power, allowing people and their communities to champion the voices which deserve to be heard.

Before starting the production of Ashley’s book, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press organized a crowdfunding platform for her, with a goal to raise $10K to cover further expenses. This model also helps the author to get started with the book production in the very early stages before jumping on the market.

You can check-out Ashley’s campaign and support her here:

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Press
Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Press

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