New College Grads Raise $8 Mn for Proscia, Medical Testing Software Start-up

New College Grads Raise $8 Mn for Proscia, Medical Testing Software Start-up

Medical software is any software item or system used within a medical context. Therefore, Proscia is a platform used by many researchers and pathologists to gain advantage outcome beyond the glass slide results used in many laboratory tests in diagnosis of cancer. It turns pixels into patterns and insights that change how we view cancer as a disease.

It is making it possible for creation of more cancer labs everywhere which are connected and powered with modern systems which have new advanced technologies which are able to recognize cancer`s patterns in the body. This technology of Proscia tissue diagnosis enables development of new types of cancer research methods and diagnostic tools which is making it faster and easier to detect cancer unlike previous methods used.

This platform will help to change ways in which people view and practice pathology of cancer as a disease. Due to changing and increased causes of cancer disease, I think this platform will be of great help in reducing and treating cancer cases in the world. This, in turn, will help to reduce cases of death caused by cancer. Cancer has been said to be the disease killing most people in the world today yet there is a new mean and method to reduce these cases. This might be of great help if not completely eradicating cancer.

We are living in a world where man is trying to solve problems that are facing him through development of technology and Proscia is one of them. This is a major and important discovery in the word of treatment of cancer. Cancer before was being controlled through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy only healed cancer on its early stage and it had to put a patient`s life at risk as it mostly worked on the basis of X-rays which sometimes put more risk on one`s life compared to cancer itself.

Proscia platform, therefore, is the best mean of treating and controlling cancer as it is able to detect cancer at its early stages and its accuracy is more than 75% hence it’s more reliable for cancer detection. Governments and potential private investors should invest in this platform so that it can work well and easily to be able to save more lives. Proscia platform has more advantages compared to chemotherapy and will, therefore, change the field of cancer treatment completely.

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